Health and Safety Plan: Falcons Elite Hoops


The FE Team has been tasked with safely opening a version of our winter league with an emphasis on players, coaches, and community safety. This Health and Safety Plan outlines the policies, procedures, and formatting that will help guide our league for the foreseeable future. This plan will be a living document. As we learn more, as the situation evolves, and as we get more direction from our colleagues in the school district, this document and procedures listed will be updated accordingly.

We ask that you read this document with the utmost care and time. All policies and decisions were made with the community’s best interests in mind.

Please note that all parents must acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions of this Health and Safety Plan in order for their player to participate.  FE may remove any player from the program (or spectator from a game) without refund if it determines in its sole discretion that the player or a family member has violated this policy.


General Reminders:


● It is the parents’ responsibility to review these guidelines with their player, and to ensure the compliance of the player and their family.

  • If you are sick, stay home!

Adaptations to FE’s Procedures and Policies:

Masks/Face Coverings:

Per Pennsbury’s updated guidelines, masks are optional for players, officials, and spectators.

Travel Basketball Procedures:

Outside Gyms and Leagues:

Travel leagues and independent gyms operate with their own policies and procedures.  Players and families are expected to follow all guidelines for those gyms, which may be different than FE’s guidelines.

COVID-19 Positive Test Action Plan

The FE Board of Directors will be the point people for all communications in the event of a player exposure.

LFE follows CDC guidelines re: actions to take in the event of a positive test and/ or exposure to someone who is positive for COVID-19.
The current guidelines are posted at: and


According to current guidelines, should someone have close contact (as defined by the CDC) with someone who has COVID-19 we will:

Require that they alert FE
Follow the CDC’s guidelines re: quarantine recommendations/ requirements
Should it be a player or coach who has tested positive for COVID-19 we will alert anyone who may have been exposed, including teammates.  We will follow CDC guidelines re: whether the exposure would be deemed “close contact” in determining whether scheduled practices/ games would be maintained.
The FE Board shall make the final decision regarding the eligibility and timing of the player’s or coach’s return.