What Makes Us Different



The Falcons Elite Board brings over 30 years of basketball experience in coaching and teaching. The board's main goal is the development of players in the community. Please be sure to read the Board of Directors Page to read more in depth about each of our key coaching pieces.


Development and Support:

The Falcons Elite board is planning on putting those years of experience back into the community. While developing the players is the most important job of our league, developing the volunteer coaches is a main priority as well. Falcons Elite will be holding coaching clinics, sending out practice plan templates, and opening a clear line of communication with each and every coach that helps in our league.


Communication (TeamSnap):

TeamSnap Training Night:  
This season, Falcons Elite will be using the TeamSnap mobile app to help facilitate communication between families and coaches. Many sports leagues have use this app . We also know that many are new to all of its features.  In order to maximize the use of this amazing program, the Falcons Elite team has organized a  TeamSnap training night for families that are new to the program. This VIRTUAL training will help families learn the following basic uses inside of the app:
1. How to access team schedules and rosters.
1a. How to view other teams in your division and league rankings.
2. How to notify coaches about your attendance at games and practices.
3. How to complete your health check.
4. How to communicate and send messages directly to the coaching staff.
This meeting will be recorded and shared for your personal viewing at later dates if needed.


Free Clinic Series:

To kick start our season, we are proud to host a series of FREE CLINICS at Charles Boehm Middle School for all Falcons Elite basketball players in the community. The clinics will be held on the first three Saturdays in October (2nd/9th/ 16th). Falcons Elite coaches will be in the gym to help with the development of players of all skill levels. These clinics will consist of fundamental drills to improve both individual and team success in the season.